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About us:XiamenWain Electrical Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise that is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of industrial connectors (heavy-duty connectors). With the strong support of national policies, Wain is committed to building a superior brand through quality and technology. Wain is equipped with modern facilities and workshops for injection, hardware, diecasting, electroplating, assembly and moulds, with 95% of parts and components used being independently produced. Wain also boasts product R&D and product performance test laboratories as wellas various technological patents, which have laid-down solid foundations for the Company’s growth.Products:Wain constantly introduces cutting-edge technology, professional talent and sophisticated equipm…


Add:759-3 Chengbei Industry Zone,

Dongshan,Datong,Tong'an District,


Tel: 0592-7227563

Fax: 0592-7227569

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